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Cake Consultations & Tastings

Please email me to book your consultation and tasting erinfawcett@sweetconfections.org

Common Questions

*When should I book my consultation?
Summer months are very busy so it's best to book your consultation in the winter months or early spring.  If you have a fall wedding and would like to meet with me I may not have availability to meet with you in the summer due to weddings (although I will try my best to fit you in), so booking a spring consult is best. 
*What happens at a cake consultation?
We meet, you enjoy a tasting (if requested) and you tell me what your vision for your cake is.  We can talk ideas and I might make some suggestions, but my job is to give you what you want to the best of my ability, and deliver it to you in the most stress free way that I can.  Having a clear idea of what you're hoping for is a huge plus.
*What should I bring to a cake consultation?
You should bring anything you've collected that inspires you when thinking of your wedding cake, and/or pictures of specific cakes that you love.  I won't recreate a cake but I will use the pictured cake as inspiration to give you something similar but uniquely yours.
*What happens after the cake consultation?
I will send you a quote.  If this is outside of your budget we can go back to the design and decide how to cut costs.  If you're happy with everything, then you make a deposit and sign a cake contract.

Cake Tastings

Cake tastings for two people are $30.  Choose any 3 cake flavours and any 3 buttercreams and/or fillings, Vanilla Buttercream is included with the tasting.  Should you choose to book, this amount will be deducted from any order of $400 or more.

Formal Tasting
You can request your formal tasting when you book your consultation with me.  I'll have your tasting choices for you to enjoy during your consultation.

'To Go' Tasting
If you don't have time or don't need a formal consultation but would still like a tasting, I offer a 'to go' option.  I simply meet you somewhere convenient in town with your tasting (or you can pick the tasting up from me) at an agreed upon time. 

Still have questions?  Please email me at erinfawcett@sweetconfections.org .

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